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Al RÆbi for Trading and Solar Energy Systems

Al RÆbi for Trading and Solar Energy Systems


About Our Company

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Al-Raebi Company for Trading and Solar Energy Systems is a market leader in alterna- tive energy, providing the highest international standards in solar energy to Yemen industrial and agricultural sectors. Since its established in 2003 as a new division of Al Raebi for Trading Company. It consistently develops and keeps up with the most recent technological advancements, as well as innovates the best-integrated solu- tions, under the supervision and direction of a team of highly experienced profession- als with the highest levels of professional efficiency, in order to provide its customers .with high-quality services


Elevating our company to become the most trusted and leading in Yemen accordance with high technical in the field of solar energy standards through our human resources and excellence in engineering services, integrity, and community and environmental care


To provide companies and individuals with low-cost solar energy systems that are distinguished by their efficiency, sustainability, environmental protection, high level of quality, safety, performance, and customer satisfaction.

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Our Services


We provide a guarantee for our products and services. If there are any problems with the quality of the products or services we provided, we will repair or replace them according to the terms and duration of the warranty. We care about our customers' satisfaction and strive to provide high quality products and excellent service.

Technical Support

We provide professional technical support for customers. Whether you have technical questions, or need help installing or maintaining solar systems, our technical support team is here to help. We aim to ensure that your solar systems operate efficiently and effectively at all times.

Finding Solutions

We offer customized solutions to meet your needs. We will analyze your needs, design and provide the optimal solar solutions for your buildings or facilities. Whether you want to install complete solar systems or their component parts, we're here to help.

Pre-sales and after-sales services

We provide excellent before and after sales services. Whether you require consultation before purchasing a system, or need after-sales support and maintenance, we are here to meet your needs. We strive to provide a satisfactory experience to our customers and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Providing accessories and spare parts.

We offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts for solar energy systems. Whether you need additional solar modules, batteries, or other components, we can provide them to you with high quality and competitive prices.

Studies and Technical Designs.

We conduct in-depth studies and meticulous technical designs to determine the best solar solution for your needs. We will analyze the site, technical and environmental requirements to ensure a suitable and efficient design of your solar energy system.


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Our Products

Vertex N 700W
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Vertex N 665 W
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Vertex N 660 W  580  W 575 W
Vertex N 660 W 580 W 575 WModile
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alraebi projects
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